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Facial Care

Have you ever wanted to try something very unique, that can help you treat the headache and puffy eyes problems? Solution is here: hot and cold therapy mask!

Face – very important part of our body which needs special care. Give yourself an opportunity feel yourself healthy, happy and relaxed. Our innovation, product can help you fix many problems with our only natural treatment. Your personal Spa salon in our special gel mask.


1:100% new and high quality.

2: Cold compress can shrink capillaries, tighten skin, prevent skin from sagging, maintain facial skin elasticity.

3: It can significantly reduce the black circle.

4: It can be used for cold and hot compresses, relieve fatigue, and is suitable for people to do a long-term work on the desk, and also becomes the favorite of white-collar women in office.

5: Cold compress: put it in the refrigerator, after pre-cooling (4-10 degrees refrigerated) for 30 minutes, you can wear it on your face. It is usually worn for 5-10 minutes and can also be extended according to individual symptoms. No side effects.

6: Hot compress: put it in warm water for about 2-3 minutes at 60 degrees Celsius, or microwave in the middle of 30 seconds – 1 minute

7: Whether you are using it for hot or cold therapy, the temperature should not be too hot or cold. Avoid the function of causing product damage and damaging the gel beads.

1* mask


Additional information

Brand Name

little dolphin




235 X190mm

Manufacturing Process

Machine Made

Model Number



Face Washing Brush


Non-toxic cooling gel, medical grade bio-magnet(20pcs)

Surface front

Smooth velvet

Application 01

Wrinkled skin, dry skin, non-elastic skin, non-glowing skin caused by

Application 02

Acne, dark spot, chloasma

Application 03

Insomnia, headache, migraine

Application 04

Facial paralysis, facial spasm


Light and foldable


Hot and cold therapy


Postoperative swelling




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